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Male Enhancement Pills: The Basics

The Basics of Male Enhancement

Here’s the scenario. You’re filling up at the gas station. As you glance over at the ‘Impulse Buy’ section near the cash register, you notice male enhancement pills in a box that suggests they’ll take you to a magical place where you last longer in bed and finish like a porn star.

Here’s another one. You’ve heard this bizarre rumour that ‘male enhancement pills’ can give you a bigger penis. You’re sceptical (and you should be), but late one night, there you are, doing a little online browsing before you hit the sack.

Sure enough, you Google it – yes, we’ll say it one more time: ‘male enhancement pills’. And there, you’re overwhelmed with more ads than search results. It’s enough to make you scratch your head, step back and ask this basic question:

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Male enhancement pills are a category of health supplements designed to help a specific sexual performance issue. They’re very popular among guys with erectile problems – top rated male enhancement pills like VigRX Plus enjoy a loyal following of customers who use them to get hard, for more stamina and more enjoyment in the bedroom.

But that’s just one example. There are many kinds of over the counter male enhancement pills. Some of the more popular include:

Male Virility Supplements – These are designed to increase sex drive. A good male virility supplement should also help you get (and keep) an erection.

Volume Enhancers – A volume enhancer helps boost your semen volume. With more semen to ejaculate, you climax longer, and with greater intensity.

Prostate Supplements – These are made to help men fight symptoms of prostate enlargement. They help guys urinate easier, but they have other benefits too. Most men don’t realize that enlarged prostate can affect your sex drive – so a (good) prostate supplement should also stoke your fires between the sheets.

Notice we said ‘over the counter’ male enhancement. Most male enhancement pills sold online are natural and can be bought without a prescription. They’re dietary supplements – not erection drugs.

By the way, if you want male enhancement pills that work fast, slow down a little. Unlike ED drugs, which are basically one pill per erection, you likely won’t feel the benefit of a male enhancement supplement for at least 3 weeks, with your biggest gains at about three months. And you’ll have to keep taking them to maintain your results.

Can Male Enhancement Pills Give Me a Bigger Penis?

Sadly, no – at least not permanently. Some of the better male enhancement supplements should give you a bigger erection. But that’s just during sex. You’ll want to look for male enlargement products if you want a bigger penis – and a penis extender in particular.ProExtender would be a good place to start.

What is Red Pill Male Enhancement?

That’s something out of The Matrix.

What is a Male Enhancement Pills Free Trial?

This is an automatic shipment program, in which you sign up to buy a male enhancement product and the first month is typically free, though you’ll usually pay a small shipping fee. After that, the product will be shipped to you automatically each month, typically at a small discount.It’s important to note a male enhancement pills free trial automatically leads to new product shipped to your home monthly unless you cancel your enrolment in the program after receiving the first product. Hence, a better name for a free trial program is likely ‘home delivery program’. This is a legit program, but read the fine print before you sign up to have any free product sent to your home.

Is Male Enhancement a Scam?

Male enhancement is not a scam. But here’s the thing: there is nothing on Earth more powerful than man’s desire to procreate. Marketers know this, and given the profits to be made, and the relatively low entry point to make a male enhancement product, and, well…Many male enhancement products have little scientific merit to them. Some can be downright dangerous.

With that said, there are good male enhancement pills that do what they claim. ‘Natural’ doesn’t mean ‘weak’. Case in point, Willow Bark – the bark of a Willow Tree (natch) used since ancient times to relieve aches and fever.

In 1897, German chemist Felix Hoffman used it to create what is now the most common form of painkillers on the planet: NSAIDs. Our point? Natural products can deliver if you give them a chance.

So How Do I Find GOOD Male Enhancement Products?

There are plenty of bad/faulty and even dangerous male enhancement products sold online. Fortunately, Darwinism is alive and kicking in the male enhancement market.

Good products have good formulas, based on quality ingredients that are sourced and dosed by someone who knows what they’re doing. These products work, and get repeat customers, testimonials, and respect from the medical community.

Good male enhancement pills survive. Bad male enhancement products (eventually) get weeded out.

So how can you find good male enhancement pills?

Look for the following:

Longevity – Has the product been around for at least a decade? That’s a good sign.

Company Reputation – Does the company make other male enhancement products? That means it had enough success with its first supplement to branch out a little.

Doctor Endorsement – Is the product endorsed by a doctor? That’s nice – now Google that doctor and see what comes up.

Clinical Studies – Very few male enhancement pills have clinical studies done on their ingredients to vouch for efficacy. If you can find one, that’s a good sign. Were they good results? Even better.A 60 Day Guarantee – This is also a good sign. It means the company stands behind the product.

Made in North America – Is it made in the United States at a cGMP-compliant facility?

Good Ingredients – We’ll discuss this below.

What Are the Best Male Enhancement Ingredients?

A male enhancement product lives and dies by its formula. True, reputation matters, as does (live!) customer service and the factors we just talked about. But in the end, it’s the ingredients that determine whether a product delivers what it says or turns out to be little more than sawdust in a capsule – sometimes literally.

Male enhancement pills are typically natural products. They’re made with herbals, amino acids and sexual nutrients that accumulate in the male reproductive system and assist with better sex drive, blood flow, stamina and sexual enjoyment. Some of the best male enhancement ingredients include:

Gingko Biloba
Asian Red Ginseng
Tribulus Terestris
Muira Puama
Catuaba Bark
Saw Palmetto
Mucuna Pruriens
Withania Somnifera

Keep in mind that natural male enhancement pills are generally well-tolerated, but you’ll still want to speak with your doctor if you have any specific concerns about interactions with medications you might be taking or an existing health condition.

Read the ingredient list carefully, and speak with your doctor regardless when you try a new supplement – male enhancement or otherwise.Also, avoid products with Yohimbe – the bark of an evergreen tree found in Western Africa. It’s linked to severe side effects, including dizziness, high blood pressure, nausea, head ache and rash, among other pleasantries. It’s also known to make existing conditions, like enlarged prostate, worse. In high doses, it can be fatal.

What Male Enhancement Pills Should I Buy?

That depends on you. We’ve already talked about some of the more popular male enhancement supplements. So answer this: what are you looking for? Let’s break things down to make your male enhancement choices a little more clear.

For Erection Problems

Try: A male virility supplement. As the name implies, this is a natural male enhancement pill designed to increase blood flow to the penis and increase sex drive, stamina and sexual satisfaction. For example, in a clinical study, VigRX Plus increased guys’ ability to keep an erection by 62.82% – and satisfaction went up by almost 72%.Think About: VigRX Plus, VigRX, VigFX, ProSolution Plus

For Sex Drive and Stamina

Try: Same as above. A natural male virility pill should help you last longer in bed. It should also stoke your interest in sex. Some guys also claim they boost recovery time between ‘sessions’ as well.Think About: VigRX Plus, VigRX, VigFX, ProSolution Plus

For a Longer Orgasm

Try: A climax enhancer. As we’ve discussed, a climax enhancer is a male enhancement pill made to boost semen volume, so your orgasmic muscles climax for longer and with greater intensity when it’s time to release your load. The result? A longer and more pleasurable finish. Yes, that’s really possible.For maximum pleasure, combine a male virility supplement like VigRX Plus with one of the climax enhancers described below. VigRX Plus + Semenax = a Very Large Smile On Your Face. You’re welcome.Think About: Semenax, Volume Pills.

For Urination Problems

Try: A prostate supplement. This is designed to help reduce symptoms of enlarged prostate (weak urination stream, night waking, not ’emptying’ your bladder). As an added benefit, it should also help your sex drive, because enlarged prostate is also linked to lower sexual desire.Think About: VigRX Prostate Support

Final Thoughts on Male Enhancement Pills

Keep in mind that few things, if anything, are more important than your health. It’s very important to speak with your doctor if you can’t get or keep an erection. Erectile difficulties are linked to heart problems, blood sugar issues and a variety of serious health conditions.All of which make getting a hard-on the least of your concerns.

Also, speak with your doctor before trying any new supplement. Avoid male enhancement pills with Yohimbe, and read the ingredient list on any supplement that piques your interest.

Still reading?

OK, so your doctor has cleared you for any serious health issue and you’ve got the go-ahead to try something for a little fun in your bedroom. Now, think about a male enhancement supplement, be it to want sex, get hard, last longer or make your climax that much longer. That’s the role of male enhancement pills. Look for quality, with the criteria we’ve discussed. Then, make your pick and roll with it. The right male enhancement pills truly can take your sex life to amazing places if you give them a chance.

We recommend you to read this guide and learn more about what to look for when searching for reviews pertaining to natural male enhancement products in the market.

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