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How to Cum More For Bigger, More Pleasurable Orgasms

So you want to know how to cum more, and have bigger, more pleasurable climaxes each time  you hit the sheets…

Relax – there’s no shame in that. Biology was looking out for you when it designed the human body. It made reproduction one of the most enjoyable pleasures it could design so you’ll get out and procreate.

Now you want to know how to cum more. The answer to that: through diet, a few sperm-friendly habits  and two products in particular – VigRX Tongkat Ali and Fertility Factor 5.

Sperm-Friendly Habits

Semen exists for one reason. That reason is so you can spread your seed and make the world a better place through new and improved versions of you. OK, you’re a pretty special guy, you know what we mean by that – but if you want to know how to cum more, you’ll find these sperm-friendly habits[1] can help with exactly that.

Eat A Sperm-Friendly Diet – The adage goes ‘You Are What You Eat’. If you want to cum more, it’s good to be a walnut, fish, whole grain and/or most foods high in Lycopene, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. Avoid pizza (sorry, but gotta happen), processed meats, grains, dairy and unhealthy snacks. You know the ones we’re talking about.

You can take some solace in knowing those tasty carbs you’re giving up may help you cum more. Yes, really.

Do Moderate Exercise – Generally speaking, exercise is good for sperm. A 2005 study found a combined high BMI (Body Mass Index) and low activity led to low sperm quality. Exercise and weight loss had the opposite effect. Even yard work, doing pushups or a 20 minute walk may help your swimmers turn into Michael Phelps

The caveat here is ‘moderate’ exercise, as intense physical activity can make semen worse. Cycling, jogging and mountaineering are all linked to lower sperm quality. Cycling in particular may be bad for sperm[2] because it forces your scrotum against the bicycle seat, which compresses your swimmers, and they don’t like that too much.

Boxers or Briefs(?) – This is an age-old question, with studies back and forth on the issue. A 2016 study suggested underwear type makes little difference for the state of things sperm-related, yet a 2018 study points to 17% more sperm for guys who wear boxers.

The catch? The 2018 study did not control for other factors that affect sperm, like underwear fabric and type of pants. So, evidence points to a slight advantage for guys wearing boxers, but this is far from conclusive.

Drink Less Caffeine and Alcohol – While boxers and briefs has no definitive answer, this one is well-established. Want to know how to cum more? Drink less caffeine – especially in soda – and watch the alcohol. A 2017 review of studies that included about 20,000 men found the caffeine from soda and soft drinks can damage sperm DNA. And three caffeinated drinks daily, be it from soda, energy drinks or even coffee (OUCH!), increased the rate of miscarriage.

Go easy on the booze too. A 2014 study found five or more drinks each week lowered sperm count and motility. For the record, a ‘drink’ is the following:

  • 40 Ounces of Beer
  • 25 Ounces of Wine
  • 7.5 Ounces of Spirits

Yup, we are officially trying to take the fun out of life. But there’s a light at the end of that tunnel. Drink less caffeine and alcohol and your sperm may thank you. There’s a good chance you’ll cum more as well.

Take a Supplement – The foods you eat dramatically influence the kind of sperm you’ll have, and if you’re like the average dude, your diet doesn’t scream ‘wow, this is really healthy!’. The point we’re getting at? A sperm-friendly supplement can help you get the essential vitamins and minerals that can help your swimmers, and, heck, may help you get more sex in the process.

We’re kinda partial to Fertility Factor 5 and VigRX Organic BioMaca. More on that later.

Avoid Some Chemicals and Products – Certain chemicals are sperm-killers. There’s no way to dress that up. They’re in the air, your place of work, the foods you eat and, possibly, the personal care products you use.

Some of the worst sperm-killing chemicals include:

Lead (in pipes, paint, soil and dust – especially in older homes)

Styrene and Acetone (plastics found in plastic dishes and packaging, among other places

Mercury Vapor (found in industrial aerosols and metal dust)

Dibromochloropropane (found in some pesticides)

While many of these chemicals live in factories and heavy industrial workplaces, some may be in your house. Yup, check your soap, body washes and plastic containers. They’re no friends of your sperm.

So how can you avoid these sperm-destroyers? Start by reviewing this list of known hormone-disrupters[3]. Then review the ingredient list of every product you consume, be it processed food or products you apply to your skin or ingest in any manner.

Also, try to replace your plastic containers with alternatives like glass, stainless steel or silicone.

How to Cum More? Try These Ingredients

Those are sperm-friendly habits. Now, assuming you really want to know how to cum more, try these ingredients[4]:

Zinc – Zinc is one heckuva sperm-booster. It’s shown in numerous studies to boost sperm count and quality. It’s no stretch to say you’ll likely cum more when you eat zinc-boosting foods. These include oysters, red meat, poultry, shellfish, nuts and dairy.

Folate – Folate is a heavy-hitter if you want healthy sperm. Low folate is actually linked to damaged sperm DNA and lower counts. Put foods high in folate in your stomach, including green leafy vegetables like brussels sprouts, asparagus and romaine lettuce, along with nuts, peas and dairy, and your swimmers may thank you. Bonus: you may cum more too.

Vitamin B12 – Studies link Vitamin B12 to better sperm health, with higher sperm count, better motility and less DNA damage. You can get Vitamin B12 in seafood (especially clams), meats (especially cow liver – YUCK!), dairy, fortified cereals and nutritional yeasts.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is one of the best anti-aging nutrients on the planet. It can help you cum more too – it’s an antioxidant that helps male fertility and semen parameters in general. Get Vitamin C in citrus fruits and juices, sweet peppers, strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe and several others.

Vitamin D – So you wanna know how to cum more. Try Vitamin D. It’s linked to higher testosterone levels and better sperm quality, both of which should help you, well, you know where we’re going with that. You can get Vitamin D in oily fish (like salmon), beef liver, cheese, egg yolks and mushrooms.

Vitamin E – This is another antioxidant, and it should definitely be on your radar if you want to know how to cum more. Vitamin E helps protect against sperm damage and helps overall sperm quality as well. You can get Vitamin E in plant oils (like sunflower and soybean oils), nuts and seeds, broccoli, spinach and fortified juices.

Coenzyme Q10 – Studies link higher levels of this antioxidant to better semen quality in guys struggling with male infertility. Good sources of Coenzyme Q10 include meats and poultry, fish, plant oils, nuts and seeds.

D Aspartic Acid – This is an amino acid that helps regulate male sex hormones. Some evidence links it to higher sperm count as well. It’s in meats, poultry, eggs, dairy products, grains, fresh and dried fruits and fortified cereals.

L-Arginine – Here’s another amino acid that can help your semen production. L-Arginine boosts nitric oxide levels in the body which helps with better semen quality. Good sources of L-Arginine include meats and poultry (especially pork loins, chicken and turkey), nuts and seeds, beans and lentils and dairy. You can also get Arginine in VigRX Plus.

Maca – Maca is the root of a Peruvian plant. It’s linked to better fertility and better sperm concentration and motility. For a good source of Maca, try VigRX Organic BioMaca.

Ginseng Root – Ginseng is an Asian plant that helps several semen parameters. Among them, it helps sperm count and motility, and promotes better overall sperm function in general.

Selenium – It’s no surprise that selenium may help you cum more. Some studies suggest up to 40% of infertile men have low levels of this sperm-boosting chemical. You can get selenium through diet or a supplement.

Tongkat Ali – This is a Malaysia herb and, simply put, if you want to know how to cum more, it might be the most important semen-boosting ingredient on this list. A 2010 study found Tongkat Ali (sometimes called Eurycoma Longifolia) significantly improved semen volume[5], sperm concentration, motility and shape. Almost 15% of the couples involved in this study got pregnant – and almost 60% became suitable candidates for assisted insemination, despite struggling for years before using Tongkat.

Two Supplements That Can Help You Cum More

That’s the long version of how to cum more. Want the easy version? Try VigRX Tongkat Ali or Fertility Factor 5. They’re both made with several of the nutrients we’ve just talked about and can take your sex life to somer seriously crazy places. Want to cum more? Here’s how to do exactly that.

1 – VigRX Tongkat Ali LJ100

This is a high-quality Tongkat Ali supplement. It’s made with a high quality strain of Tongkat Ali, called LJ100 – a joint collaboration between the government of Malaysia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (yup, that one).

It’s currently the only Tongkat Ali supplement with a worldwide patent to treat male sexual dysfunction, male infertility and to boost testosterone levels.

If you want to cum more (and who doesn’t?), it’s magic.

Click Here to Learn More About VigRX Tongkat Ali LJ100

2 – Fertility Factor 5

Like the name implies, Fertility Factor 5 helps guys boost male fertility. That’s thanks to a formula that combines Tongkat, Zinc, Selenium, Ginseng AND Bioperine with the quality you’d expect from the makers of VigRX Plus.

Any guess what happens when you combine a formula like this with expert dosage and VigRX quality?

If you want to cum more, Fertility Factor 5 should be at the top of your list of products to take for a test run. It can help boost semen volume, semen quality, and may even set you up for a bump in your future if that’s on your wish list.

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In Summary – How to Cum More?

To cum more (and forgive us for being blunt, but that’s what you’re looking for), think about VigRX Tongkat Ali or Fertility Factor 5. Watch your diet and practice the sperm-friendly tips we’ve talked about in this article.

There’s no shame in wanting to do this. So listen to your body. Make a few sacrifices (less coffee? Yup – but the result will be worth it!).

Step up and make these changes. You’ll cum more and have a lot more fun.






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