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FREE Shipping Worldwide On Orders Over $100

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It’s no stretch to say that VigRX® products have changed millions of lives

Guys go to VigRX® for bigger erections, more sex, greater stamina and ultimately greater satisfaction in the bedroom. They get that and then some - here’s just a sample of what they’re saying…



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Male Enhancement Pills

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We give you 67 days to try any of our products RISK FREE!* They MUST work for you, or we’ll issue you a prompt, hassle-free refund. We guarantee that with continued use, you’ll notice amazing results, and a healthier, happier you.

67 Day Money Back Guarantee

Now mine points out and a little up...

I am 70 years old and my erections are like a 30 year old! They say at 20 it points up at 40 it points out and at 60 it points down… now my points out and a little up! VigRX is great!

Norris Peterson

Brainerd, Minnesota

My girlfriend noticed and she was amazed...

Even my girlfriend noticed and SHE WAS AMAZED. I mean it really got thicker and when I cum it feels so good… better than before and it makes me cum a lot more.

Aaron Stover, Jr.

It comes quick and strong... very strong!

After week one I saw no difference but on week two I got stronger, firmer erections. Normally it takes a while to have an erection but with VigRX Plus it comes quick and strong… VERY strong!

Emeks Nwosu

Mattapan, Massachusetts

I feel hornier than a teenager...

I found an increase in sexual feelings and prolonger climax… I feel hornier than a teenager!

Richard Mahon

New York, NY

A significan increase in my libido...

I’ve been using this product for a week now and have seen a significant increase in my libido. Also I can maintain an erection for much longer than previously!

Joshua Spine

West Palm Beach, Florida

All I have to do is think about having sex...

I have been taking VigRX Plus for 3 months now. I am very satisfied with the results so far. My erections are firmer, stronger and my ejaculation is powerful to say the least! My sexual appetite has increased tremendously. Also my sexual responsiveness is impressive… all I have to do is think about having sex with my wife and I 'man reaction'… also know as an erection!

Joao Pereira

New Haven, Connecticut

I have also noticed erections come easier and last longer...

I noticed an increase in thickness when erect. I have also noticed erections come easier and last longer. I look forward to the continued increased and endurance!

Michael T. Pope

McCalla, Alabama

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