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A Review of The Best Male Enhancement Pills On The Market in 2020

Our Rundown of the Trio that We Know Works Wonders

Anyone who uses male enhancement pills will tell you that finding one that works takes a lot of experimentation. Now factor in the fact that there are hundreds of male enhancement supplements, every one of which promises fantastic results but rarely deliver on it. Many, if not the majority of these products aren’t backed by science, and so whatever “research” you see on the label is pseudo-scientific at best. 

So, the question is: how do you know which pills work? That’s where we and our years of experience analyzing male enhancement pills come in. 

We have a small team of researchers, all of whom rely on hard science for analysis. Our researchers spend hundreds of hours each month scanning research papers, peer-reviewed studies, medical journals, and clinical studies to figure out which supplements work or should work based on the science they claim to use. 

We study the formulation of each supplement carefully and correlate that with scientific data to see if these products are going to be effective. Furthermore, we also dive into the manufacturing practices, marketing tactics, evaluate the quality of their customer support and claims before concluding with our thoughts about the product in question. 

As you can see, we put in a great deal of effort, which then allows us to shortlist only the best male enhancement supplements on the market, i.e. ones that work! In our experience and research, the following trio is the best you can buy today: 

#1. VigRX Plus®

#2. ExtenZe®

#3. ProSolution Pills™

However, before we go into why we think these are the best supplements on the market, it is essential to first demystify some pseudo-science used by scammers. In our experience, it will help you to understand the science behind how real products work. 

Even if you choose not to buy the products we recommend, the information we give you will help with sorting through a lot of scams products. 

The Latest But Not Exactly Greatest Male Enhancement Scams to Avoid 

Now, if a supplement maker has to scam people, then it’s a good indicator that their product(s) don’t work. So, if you can figure out it is a scam, you can avoid everything the company is selling. 

The “Free Trial” Male Enhancement Product 

The supplement seller will lure you into believing their product works by offering a month’s worth of their supplement for free. All they expect you to do in all fairness is to pay for shipping. However, what’s happening is that by getting this so-called “free sample,” you’re automatically enrolling in their supplement’s subscription system. 

Now that you are in their system and they have your payment information, you’ll be charged $100, at least for a bunch of new products. Sometimes you might never even get those products and probably even your money back because you checked a box authorizing reoccurring payments. 

The Testofen Scam

Testofen is another proprietary ingredient you’ll often see touted by many male enhancement supplement sellers and manufacturers. While it was at one point proven to boost testosterone, but that was until the makers of this ingredient were sued for basing their product off a flawed clinical study. 

The company settled out of court for around seven million dollars. Unfortunately, many supplement sellers are still touting Testofen as a proven male enhancement ingredient when it has proven to be otherwise. 


Supplement makers sometimes claim that their formulation contains expensive ingredients, which, according to them, are clinically proven. In reality, when you analyze these products, they either don’t include these ingredients, or the quantity is negligent. 

Not enough of a so-called “clinically studied” ingredient will not do you any good. For instance, we researched a product that listed it had zinc. When we analyzed the product, it became apparent that less than 1% of it had the daily recommended level of zinc. 

Fake and Expired Products 

You will want to avoid buying male enhancement products/supplements on Amazon and eBay unless it is directly from a trusted manufacturer. Hundreds of tests and countless buyers have said that they ended up with fake or expired products. Most of these products don’t contain the ingredients listed on the label or the sales page. 

The expired products are worse because they have been procured for pennies on the dollar from the manufacturer in bulk and sold via these platforms, which is potentially dangerous. If you are going to buy your products from Amazon or eBay, make sure it’s from the manufacturer to avoid being scammed. 

Male Enhancement Pills That Are Clinically Proven to Work 

We will review three leading male enhancement supplements, which, according to our research works. However, there are a couple of things that make these pills stand out, which include but aren’t limited to: 

Genuinely Clinically Studied – The trio of pills we list are formulated using ingredients that have been clinically proven to enhance male sexual health. 

It is interesting to note that the company that makes our no.1 Rated VigRX Plus, commissioned a clinical study of their formulation. The results of this study are published in some of the leading medical journals, and it’s also on their official website. 

VigRX Plus is the only male enhancement pill on the market today that is backed by a credible and published, independent study.

Proper Dosing – All the supplements we’ve listed have enough of the “proven ingredient(s),” which makes them effective. 

Millions of Boxes Sold – Male enhancement supplements have to be taken over a long period of time. These supplements have sold millions, if not billions of boxes, which indicate that people are happy with them. There is no other reason why anyone would continue buying these supplements if they didn’t work. 

Established Brands – These supplements are made, marketed and sold by established brands and not fly-by-night operations. Some have been in business for over 20 years. 

No Outstanding BBB Complains – The BBB is an unbiased platform, and if a buyer has an issue that the seller or manufacturer isn’t addressing, then they report it to the BBB. During our research, none of the manufacturers of our top 3 products have any outstanding complaints. 

cGMP Compliant – What eGMP means is that these supplements were made in the US in facilities that comply with the cGMP’s strict regulation. So, you can be assured that they aren’t made in someone’s garage. 

A Genuine Money-Back Guarantee – We don’t consider products that aren’t backed with a money-back guarantee. So, it stands to reason why all the products we recommend are backed by this guarantee. 

Customer Service – All products we’ve listed in our top 3 have a customer support number and staff who answer questions. So, you can be assured that these are real companies.

Now that we know what’s common across all three leading male enhancement pills let’s review them individually. 

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus® is one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market today. Whether you want to improve your erection or your time in bed, VigRX Plus® will do the trick for most people. The on-demand erections are firmer, fuller and can be sustained for longer than with any other product. It also positively impacts a man’s stamina, sex drive and orgasm. 

We openly recommend VigRX Plus®, most of all because it works, and below, we’ll go into how it works.  

Devoid of All Chemicals and Synthetic Compounds 

VigRX Plus® is 100% safe to use because of its all-natural formulation. It’s proprietary blend contains ingredients that you’ve probably heard of before and is shown to work. The way this product works is by naturally restoring your sexual health without any undesired adverse effects. 

A Well Established Brand 

VigRX Plus® isn’t manufactured by a fly-by-night brand; in fact, they have been around for over 20 years. To date, the company does not have a negative review or a complaint against them registered with the BBB. We’ve not come across any other supplement company with a spotless record. Furthermore, they spend a great deal of their own money on clinical trials, the results of which are published and available to the general public. 

VigRX Plus® Uses Ingredients That are Clinically Proven 

VigRX Plus® is made from a total of 9 primary ingredients, and every single one is clinically proven to be effective and safe to use. Furthermore, the formula is backed by clinical studies. 

VigRX Plus® was tested in a controlled environment against a placebo in what’s called a double-blind clinical trial. After three months, it was noted that people who took VigRX Plus® saw a noticeable improvement in their sexual stamina, desire, and erection. Almost 90% of all volunteers that used VigRX Plus® found it so effective that they decided to continue taking it. 

Remedies All Aspects of Male Sexual Health 

VigRX Plus® will give you the best erections since your early 20s! It works by restoring your natural testosterone levels, and improves blood flow to the penis, consequently boosting libido, stamina and quality of the experience. 


It is one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market and offers a serious boost to your sexual health. We found that it has the highest concentrations of clinically proven ingredients. ExtenZe® users will see results sooner, as the formulation is highly effective at giving men that extra boost in a hurry, thanks to the use of its unique extended-release formula. 

Boosts Testosterone Naturally 

ExtenZe® is made from all-natural ingredients, which triggers the body’s production of testosterone. Research has shown that the restoration of test levels helps to trigger harder erections, better orgasm and increased stamina, which makes it ideally suited for older people. 

Sold Over a Billion Pills and Counting 

ExtenZe® is one of the most trusted brands in the male enhancement industry. The company has sold over a billion pills with fresh batches being shipped out as you read this. The reason: well, people who have used the product can’t get enough of it, because it works! Furthermore, ExtenZe® backs its product with a full money-back guarantee, and so far, nobody has asked for their money back. 

Immediate Improvement with Long-Lasting Results 

The results aren’t just immediate, but they also last a long time. The science-backed formula does not require a prescription and has no unwarranted adverse effects. All of which makes it perfectly safe to use for as long as you want. Also, being an all-natural product means that unlike drugs, the effects don’t fade as soon as you stop taking it. 

ProSolution Pills

ProSolution Pills™ is another extremely effective male sexual enhancement pill and ideal for men who want to improve the strength, size and duration of their erections. It is one of the most well-rounded supplements we’ve seen, made from all-natural ingredients. However, there are a couple of features that set ProSolution Pills™ apart from the competition. 

All Natural Ingredients 

ProSolution Pills™  is made from a blend of high-quality herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, all of which are clinically proven to have a positive effect on male sexual health. It is one of the best natural alternatives for men who may be seeking the use of prescription drugs or may already be using them to address blood pressure, heart disease or other health concerns. 

A Top Rated Supplement 

ProSolution Pills™ boasts of a formulation that has been in use for several decades. It has, during this time, helped hundreds of men regain their sexual wellness. The supplement is so popular for its effectiveness that many people have begun using it because ProSolution Pills™ was recommended to them by a friend or family member. However, a recent revamp to the formulation now helps address issues like premature ejaculation. 

100% Safe to Use 

ProSolution Pills™ is the best long-term solution for the majority of common male sexual health issues. Not only is the formulation safe to use, but the all-natural ingredients come backed by numerous clinical studies. So, taking the optimal dose is imperative to seeing the results advertised.  

Final Word 

We’ve put in days if not weeks of research, testing, and evaluation to ensure that our top 3 picks or the “Trio” of male enhancement pills do exactly as advertised. Regardless of which of these you choose, we assure you of the best results because they are proven to work. If they don’t work for some odd reason, you can always ask for your money back.

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